Toni & Guy – Fashion Fix Hair

I absolutely love getting my hair put up and although I can make a good effort myself, nothing beats getting it tackled and tamed by a pro!  One thing that stops me getting my hair done before an event/wedding though, is the amount of time that I need to factor in to what usually is usually an already tightly planned schedule!!

This is where Toni & Guy’s Fashion Fix is a dream 😍!  Going to your appointment with pre washed and dried hair, means that once you pick from the below Fashion Fix styles, you can be out and looking fab in 30 mins.

I’ve tried both the ‘Nouveau Knot’, which was the perfect chic updo for a black tie event….

….and the ‘Pretty in Punk’ side braids, which is my personal fav!

I’ve got another appointment booked next weekend (for my henny! Eek so excited!!), so any suggestions on what I should go for are welcome! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see the finished style!

Love always,



Primark Falsies – My ‘Go To’ for Longer Nails!

I’ve made no secret of my love for Primark’s false nails over on my Instagram (if we’re not following each other, click HERE and let’s be Insta friends 😀), so thought they deserved a wee shout on the blog.

At £1, you can’t really go wrong with these bad boys. They do them in a couple of different shapes, catering to individual styles and preferences, but my fav are def the Almond range.  Giving a bit of length and a soft shape – they’re ideal for day and night use.

Word of warning, the glue is super strong, so when you’re cutting the nib, just make sure not to get any on your fingers – or they will quite quickly become stuck together (not speaking from experience at all! 🙄)

I also have the nudes and a berry colour to try out soon. Will pop them on this post once I’ve worn them, so make sure you come back to visit, or follow me over on Twitter or Instagram!



Lush: Sleepy Body Lotion – Does it actually help you sleep?

Lush’s ‘Sleepy’ Body Lotion is the product being hailed by the internet as the magic potion for a better nights sleep…but does it actually work? Or has it been massively hyped up?

Although I don’t struggle with drifting off, a full, deep sleep is rare – so if I can find something to give me a few more blissful zzz’s, I’ll take it!


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WIN! NailsInc Giveaway over on my Twitter

This sunny weather has got me in great mood and I’ve decided to do a giveaway over on my Twitter!

If you fancy getting your hands on all 10 of these fab NailsInc Magnetic Polish, all you have to do is head over to my Twitter Page, RT my pinned post and Follow! Simple!! 😀
The giveaway has 10 different coloured polishes, so there’s plenty for you to choose from!

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My Top 5 Picks for Eating out in Vilamoura

If follow my Twitter or Instagram stories, you might have seen that I was recently sunning myself over in Vilamoura.  With flights starting this Summer from Aberdeen, it will no doubt be a top holiday destination for many in the North East, so I thought I’d pop down my ‘Top Picks for Eating Out’ from the trip – as if you’re anything like me, food and drink play a MASSIVE part of a holiday!

Although the restaurants on the Marina provide diners with great views, we found that due to the mass number of people dining, the waiters could be a little stretched – and the prices were definitely on the hefty side.

After a bit of research/scrolling through Trip Advisor, we found some great hidden gems that we would never have stumbled across on our nightly walk for food and although they don’t quite have the same scenic settings, I highly recommend the food and service – which more than compensate.

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Going on holiday? Make sure to pack this…

‘Im writing this post with a severe case of holiday blues, having just returned from an amazing holiday in Portugal.  After a week of fab weather, I’ve picked up a lovely wee tan – but while I was there (and as always) I was super conscious of keeping my skin safe.

This Origins GinZing™ SPF 40 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer with Sheer Tint Release, is designed to help your skin be more hydrated, energized, perfected and protected.  After purchasing it at this years Dedicated to Girls event, I packed it up with the rest of my holiday essentials & lotions, ready to give it a try.

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Beautisteel’s Top Bridal Beauty Tips

I recently put down my top skincare and wedding day prep tips for Maid of Honour Weddings. If you have your big day booked and are looking for a bit of advice, or are still searching for your Makeup Artist, feel free to take a look and get in touch with any questions. Highly recommend Kimberley’s services too.

Maid of Honour

See Beautisteel – Official Partner

Whilst makeup can hide a multitude of sins, it’s no secret that the better the condition of your skin, the better the end result. To help you achieve beautiful glowing skin ahead of your big day, Laura from Beautisteel has revealed her top tips for perfect wedding day skin!

Some of you might already have a regimented skincare routine in place, with more potions and lotions than you can count, however I know a lot of people struggle to find the time to do much more than taking off the day’s make up. I’ve put together these simple tips to allow you to make the best use of your time – focusing on the main areas that WILL make a difference to your skin.

Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise

“The three basic beauty steps to follow!”

I know that to some it might seem like an…

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