Quick 2 Minute Bun

Ok so I timed it and it actually took 1.46 to do this look, but hey – who’s counting! 🙂 This is honestly one of the easiest hairstyles that I do and always get great compliments on.  All you need is one hairbobble, a couple of hairgrips and you’re good to go.   Quick and Easy BunYou can watch how I did this style by clicking on the YouTube link below, or if you prefer I’ve done a quick step by step guide too.  The video result is not quite as neat as the picture…doing it without a mirror was tricky(!!), but hopefully it shows you how easy it is to do!


Step 1:  Take two small sections of hair from the front and separate them from the rest of the hair.  I usually take it from just behind the ear and pull forwards.

Step 2: Pull the rest of the hair into a low ponytail and use the bobble to secure.

Step 3:  Hold the tip of your ponytail and gently lift upwards, so that your hair is vertical then roll the hair down, back towards your head.  Secure with a couple of grips on each side.  The bun should curl up and sit on top of your ponytail (not under).

Step 4: Take the section from the front left of your head and cross over, tucking and securing with a grip on the right underside of your bun.  Then take the section from your right and do the same.

Step 5:  Tuck any stray hairs in and secure with a clip – finish with some hairspray Done!


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