White and Gold Nails

GetAttachment.aspx The sun’s been out the past few nights and it feels like summer is well and truly on its way…ok well maybe not, but we can still pretend!  These white and gold nails create a striking look and are perfect for a night out – with or without a tan! The white nail polish is an absolute bargain that I picked up from Primark today for…..wait for it……25p!!! The glitter nail polish is from NailsInc (Royal Arcade) and is one of my favorites. Make sure that you use a good base coat to protect your nails from any staining and a quick drying topcoat to provide you with extra shine and stop chipping/smudging. Although slightly pricier, I find the Kensington Cavier set from NailsInc to be really good.  I’ve tried numerous cheaper alternatives (especially the topcoats) and find that in comparison these ones dry much quicker (meaning no smudging or chiping) and leave an excellent finish! Photo below on the products I used:GetAttachment.aspx


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