Madeleine Shaw – Get The Glow Event

GetAttachment.aspxSo I was lucky enough (and quick enough!) to get tickets to Madeleine Shaw’s Get the Glow Supper Event at Harvey Nichols on Wednesday.  After following her on social media for the past few years, Madeleine finally released her first Gluten Free recipe book last month.  Packed few of amazing dishes, I’ve slowly started to make my way through, however this evening offered the chance to try a few more of her dishes…cooked by the talented Harvey Nichols chef’s, and also meet Madeleine herself.

GetAttachment.aspxWe arrived at Harvey Nichols just before 7pm, to be shown to our seats with the above welcome cocktail.  Things were already tasting good at this point, as this passionfruit cocktail was delicious!  We were fortunate enough to have prime first row seats and waited patiently (or some might call it impatiently!) for Madeleine to arrive.

She walked through the restaurant and took her place at the front of the restaurant before introducing herself and telling us a bit about her background and how she got to where she is today.  For those of you that don’t know, Madeleine suffered badly from IBS and often felt tired, uncomfortable and ate a diet that we’re all led to believe is the best way to loose wait (diet coke and rice cakes ring any bells?!).  She decided to take things in to her own hands and made the decision to jet off to Australia at the age of 18.  As soon as she landed she knew that this was the place for her and would help her tackle her demons.  She enrolled in a nutrion course at Sydney University and started to work at a local organic cafe.  She began to see the importance of food to our health, mood and general well being and learnt how to properly prepare, source and cook food.  She began teaching the Get the Glow programme in 2012 and has gone from strength to strength, resulting in her being stood in front of us now!

GetAttachment.aspxShe talked us through the amazing treats that we would be sampling this evening.  We were to receive a sharing plate of her Green Goddess bowl (pg 128 of her book), which she told us was inspired by the lazy breakfasts in Bondi Beach.  With ingredients such as kale, avacado and spinach, it is so packed full of vitamins.  We were also to receive her Mexican BBQ Grilled Corn and Quinoa with Chilli Salsa (pg 141), which provided us with another salad option with a bit of a kick!

GetAttachment.aspxNext up on our feast for the night was to be Spicy Salmon with Cucumber and Yoghurt (pg 156), providing us with the omega-3 and skin-saving benefits of salmon combined with an incredible freshness from the cucumber.  The Thai Beef Salad with Salt and Pepper Cashews (pg 135) was the highlight of this foursome for me… was. delicious!!!!  The creamy tahini, paired with the salt and pepper cashews complimented the perfectly cooked beef brilliantly.  I couldn’t stop going back for more (see well piled plate below! :D)

GetAttachment.aspxWe were still to leave a little space for some pudding…and thank goodness that we did, for the Raw Cherry and Chocolate Fudge (pg 226) accompanied by Dairy Free Coconut Ice-cream (not in the book but I’m assured that the recipe will be mailed out to subscribers of her mailing list soon!) was up there with one of the best deserts that I’ve had.  A bold statement I know, but the sweetness of the fudge with the lightness of the Ice-cream was AMAZING.  The active ingredient (almond butter) also provides lots of vitamin E for your skin….as if you needed an excuse to eat more! We refused to be defeated and tried our hardest to finish the massive plate we were given!

GetAttachment.aspxOnce we’d demolished the above, Madeleine took her place at the front of the room again and began signing her books and chatting to her guests.  She is every bit as lovely as you would imagine and took the time to speak to each and every person – never looking like she was getting impatient or wanting people to move on, she was happy to chat and answer any questions people had.  After getting over a slight fangirl moment, I chatted to Madeleine about issues that she had with her health and advice on overcoming them.  I also asked her for any tips on her blogging and building up her network….her main one being ‘Be Patient’.  We left the event feeling high as a kite and can’t wait to try out some more of her recipes!



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