Summer Stylin’ – Laid Back Side Ponytail


This is style doesn’t take much to do, but I think the end result looks like you’ve put a lot of effort in! I just did this quickly before heading into work this morning.  I hadn’t realised my little doggy had managed to sneak in until afterwards…but thought I’d keep the little cutie in (just as long as he doesn’t steal the show!) 😜

I used my straighteners to loosely curl the ends of my hair. I had always struggled to find a way to keep my hair pinned to the side using hair grips, as I found that it very quickly came loose.  What I’ve found is if you pull all your hair to the side you would like it to sit at, before taking a small section (about 1-2cm thick) from the bottom underneath of your hair and use a small clear bobble to tie this into a ponytail.  The top of your hair will sit over it to cover the fastening, but it will provide the security the keep it tight. I then use a couple of grips to style it to how I want it to sit (you can see from the above picture that I’ve pulled a section back at the front to keep it out my face).  I love the addition of a little flower clip as I think it goes really well with the beachy laid back look!

Try it out yourself 😀



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