Nautical Nails


These nautical nails are fairly easy to do as long as you have the patience to let them dry properly after each stage…which if you have my level of patience, is much easier said than done!!

I’ll say my standard piece of ‘remember to do a base coat first’, but this is even more important when using strong colours such as red to avoid staining the nails.

I started by putting two coats of the red polish on my thumb, index and pinky before using a glitter polish on my middle finger and finally a white polish on my ring finger.  IMPORTANT: Make sure the White nail polish has completely dried before you start the stripes.  I then used a small brush and dipped it into the polish to add the stripes.  Again, make sure that you leave it to dry fully, before putting the heart on top.  I just did this by joining two small diagonal lines (rather than trying to be too precise!)

I used Essie ‘fishnet stockings’ for the red nail polish and ‘bobbing for baubles’ for the stripes. I’m a big fan of Essie nail polish – although as it does cost a bit more than your other standard polishes, so my nail polish suitcase (yes you heard right 😜)  is a bit more limited on this brand.  The thickness of the brush, ease of application and colours does make it worth it though if you fancy treating yourself!

I also used NailsInc holographic special effect polish in ‘abbey road’ for the glitter polish and just a wee primary polish for the White nail (still the best 25p I’ve ever spent!)


As as always, if you try it out don’t forget to tag me on Instagram or Twitter (links in the main menu) and let me see the results!!



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