Pedicures at Pure Spa


My Mum is a lady who has many things, so when her Birthday and Christmas come up, it’s always a difficult process to think of something she needs….or wants!  This year she jets off to Greece the day after her birthday, so my Sister and I decided we would treat her to a pedicure to get her toes beach ready!

Our criteria was quite simple – we wanted a spa where we could all be seen together and not shut off in separate rooms.  With this in mind and due to its handy location, we decided to book in to Pure Spa.


The set up was lovely and in a room just off reception, is this pedicure station.  With seating for five, there was more than enough room for groups to book in together.   As our time slot grew closer, we were introduced to the three beauty therapists who would be pampering us that afternoon.   We were then taken to choose our polish from a selection of  Leighton Denny colours.


We had booked the deluxe pedicure, so with that we also got to choose from a selection of add ons.  My mum and sister went for the foot massage (which almost sent my mum off into a light slumber) and I selected the scrub and buff (high heels have a lot to answer for!)

Our feet were soaked, before our cuticles were taken care of and nails shaped.  Next came the selected add on treatment, before a base coat, two coats of polish and top coat were added.  Finally a drop or two of a quick drying solution were added before the girls moved on to their next clients.  Roughly 40 minutes after they collected us.

Now to review the experience….

Overall we enjoyed our experience and it provided us with what were looking for.  My feet are definitely much softer after the scrub and buff and the others really enjoyed their foot massages.  The slight negatives of the pedicure for me, were the cost (£40 for the treatment is on the expensive side, especially as they aren’t gel polishes that they are using) and secondly, I do feel that compared to other spas within the same price range, you’re not treated with the same level of service and care that you would perhaps expect.  That being said, the girls were lovely….it just felt that we were on a production line of clients for the day, with not much time for them to spare.

Would I go back? Probably not, but that’s not to discourage others that are looking for a similar treat from going.  We enjoyed it for a day together, but it wouldn’t be something that I would book myself in for again.

Feel free to share your pedicure experiences or any tips that you have for keeping your tootsies in shape!



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