Nail Gems to Add a Little Sparkle!!


I picked up these nail gems from Primark at the weekend….and for the bargain price of £1, you can’t go wrong!! Each section of the wheel holds different colour gems, stars and hearts, so you should be able to find something to go with most nail polish colours.

Another place that I’ve picked up some cute ones from is eBay – they’re selection is huge, but can take a wee while to come depending where you order from! know that you can also pick up nail gems from a lot of high street shops now, but they usually are a little bit more expensive (and not worth the extra cost in my opinion!)

Ive got a black tie event coming up this week, so I’ve started the beautifying process tonight! I’m gonna go for a red lip look, so I’ve gone with red nail to match.  I added one of the small heart gems to give it a little extra!💅🏻

imageA QUICK TIP……when applying the gems, is to use tweezers to pick them up and then position carefully.  This avoids any smudging or missplaced gems!  I also use two coats of polish (and of course a base coat!) before adding them to provide a thick base to stick to.  A topcoat over the nails should then keep any gems firmly secured ,whilst providing a nice shine!

Let me know what you think and tag me in any nail gem photos that you have for inspiration!! Instagram and Twitter links are in my main menu!



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