Hair Bow

I absolutely love this bow hair style!! It’s pretty easy to do and adds a cute girly finish to your outfit!

I’ve done a quick YouTube video on it…apologies for the really weird depressing music, but I’m not really a pro on the video editing yet.

I’ve also done a quick Three Step Guide below.  You just need a small hair bobble, a couple of hair grips and a bit of hair spray to tidy up any stray hairs.

You just need to put the hair into a small bun, leaving a trail of hair which you’ll then use to tuck up and make the middle section of your bow.  Separate the bun into two sections and use the grips to secure at each side.  Once they’re secure I give it a quick spray of hairspray and then lift the remainder of the hair up and over the parted bun. Again secure with a grip and spray with hairspray.


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