DIY Lipbalms


For Christmas I was given this Sweet Cecily’s ‘Make Your Own Lip Balm’ Kit.  It has taken me a while, but I’ve finally got round to doing it this week…and what a treat it is!

When I initially unwrapped the present and opened the box, I did think that I’d be able to play about with the waxes, scents, colours etc to customise my own lip balm, but after a further inspection, the pack contains the specific amount of each ingredient – and you need to use all of it to make the balms.  I must admit I was sliiiiiighly disappointed on this, as I had hoped to play about with it and make my own unique lip balms, but it was still giving me the opportunity to make some 100% natural lipbalm, which I couldn’t wait to try.

This is what the box contained….

untitledIn the plastic bags there was Bees Wax, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter.  It also contained Almond Oil and Strawberry Flavouring.  The instructions told you that you were to meld the waxes together over boiling water in a heatproof bowl.  Once this was done, you were to add the Oil, before taking off the heat and stirring in the Strawberry Flavouring.  I then poured this mixture into two of the pots that came with the set, before adding some colouring to the remaining balm mixture.  I did this to mix it up a little and also to give a slight tint when using it.  If you want to keep it natural, you can use some food colouring (just add a couple of drops), or you can also use an old lipstick and melt some in (but this will add chemicals to what is a natural pack otherwise).

I then poured this in to the remaining three pots and left to harden.  It cooled down pretty quickly and set to a nice balm.  I’ve used it the past few days and it definitely leaves my lips feeling silky smooth.

It is quite a lot of effort to go through, but it’s fun to do and you make a decent amount, that it will last you a long time.  It also means that you know exactly what goes into the mixture and there are no nasty chemicals in it!!

Definitely worth looking into if you’re into your natural products 😀



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