Lancôme Masterclass – An Evening With Elite Team Member, Marc Sinclair

So it’s safe to say that I got carried away at the Lancôme Event last week!

After receiving an email about a one off Lancôme Masterclass, I promptly bought my ticket (and one for the friend I was dragging along to keep me company!) and secured my space.

The event was to be held in Debenhams and hosted by Marc Sinclair – one of only 5 UK make-up artists to be selected for Lancôme’s Elite Team.  If that wasn’t enough to to get you excited, he has also worked with celebs such as Kate Middleton, Cheryl Cole/Versini and…..David Beckham!! As Lancôme sponsor events such as the BAFTAS, he has also been on had for numerous red carpet events, to ensure that the celebrities all look their best!!

You might be thinking that with such high profile clients he might be slightly on the stuck up side, but he was one of the funniest, nicest people that they could have got to host the evening and he had the rooms attention at all times!!

We were treated with a glass of champagne and a goody bag on our seats.  In the bag we received a couple of samples, how to leaflets and a face chart + pen for us  to make our notes!

He then picked someone (I wasn’t jealous at all that it wasn’t me!! hehe!) and he showed us how you should take off your make up, skincare and demonstrated how to apply your make up to achieve a day to night look.

I picked up so many good tips (mainly how to actually pronounce Lancôme….just think ‘long comb’!!) and will post a separate blog on the skincare routine that he drilled into us, along with tips on how to apply your make up to ensure it lasts the day….or night!! 😀

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