Ombré Nails

Like many of you out there I’ve seen lots of tutorials telling me how easy it is to do ombré nails.  I thought to myself that I’d give it a go and see if that was really the case.

Weeellll….I’m not convinced that it is! It was the first time that I’ve done it, so I reckon with a bit more practice I’ll be able to get it nailed (excuse the pun), but I did find it a little scuttery! It also left a real mess round my cuticles which you can still see in the pic above.  I need to clean this up a bit and will post another photo once it’s a bit neater!!

Anyway, it does look pretty cool and I admit I’m happy with the result – so I might give it a few more goes before I pass judgement!!

To do this look you need to paint your nails with two coats of white nail polish to provide you with a base colour.  Once you’ve done this, the messy part begins!! 😀

Take your sponge and paint across three lines of your chosen nail polish, like in this pic…

The nail polish will dry in pretty quick, so you will need to move quickly once you have the colour on.  Used the sponge to press down on your nails and create the ombré effect.  I lightly dabbed the nail a few times to make sure that the colour was evenly spread across the whole nail.

Now when I say it made a bit of a mess….

….You can see what I mean!!

I used a cotton wool bud and dipped it into nail polish remover to take off most of it round my fingers, on my hand (everywhere pretty much!!), but it was pretty tricky to get to the bits in the cuticles that you can see in the photo.  Once it’s properly dry I’ll go over it again to try and take the rest off and I’m sure after a shower etc the extra polish will slowly remove itself.  Because of this I think if I was to do it for a special occasion, I would make sure that I did it the night before!!

Like I say I’ll pop another photo on here tomorrow and you can see what it’s looking like – or follow me on Instagram and Twitter and you’ll see when it’s up there too!

If you’ve tried this and have any tips on how to make this easier…please comment and let me know!!!


5 thoughts on “Ombré Nails

    1. Aww thank you!! This was the first time I’d done it and I wasn’t convinced but I really like how my nails have tuned out and think it will get easier with a bit of practice! If you try it let me know how you get on!! Thank you for the nomination!! I’ll do this soon 😀😀 xx

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