Evening Skincare Routine

So you might have read in my previous blog post, that I recently went to a Lancôme Masterclass where Marc Sinclair (an elite Lancôme team member) provided us with lots of tips….including giving us advice on skincare routines.  I’ve now implemented the following steps in my evening skincare routine and popped them down for you to read!! Prior to the Masterclass, my evening skin care routine involved a baby wipe, a bit of cleanser and a slab of night moisturiser. Since then, I’ve added in the following steps which I wanted to share.  Obviously as it was a Lancôme event, all the products that he was using are from this range.  If anyone has any tips for alternatives, please comment below and let me know – as a lot of these products are freebie samples and I’m not sure if my bank balance will be able to buy them all!! The first step is to ensure that you remove all of your eye make up.  I use ‘Bi-Facil’ to do this.  When using ‘Bi-Facil’ it’s important that you shake it up to ensure that activates.  You can see in this picture that it sits in two parts, so by shaking it, it will make sure that it mixes up.   Pour this out on to a cotton wool pad, close your eye and wipe over the outer, middle and inner lid, wiping down over the eyelashes.  Place and hold the pad over the eyelashes and hold there for ten seconds.  This should take off the rest of the mascara, but gently wipe across the eyelashes to remove any left over.  This is done as the first step due to the oils in the Bi-Facil product. Next I use this Clarasonic device….  The Clarasonic device is a sonic cleansing and exfoliating brush designed to give your skin a deep clean and remove any make up and dirt from your pores.  I picked up the limited summer edition colour in peach, but it also comes in pink, green and the standard white! I run it under the tap to add some moisture, before adding a tiny pea sized amount of the ‘Gel Eclat’ (which is a foaming cleanser) to the middle of the brush.Once I’ve rinsed my face with water, I turn on the Clarasonic and gently pop it on my face, moving slowly and lightly over my skin.  There is a timer function which alerts you when to move onto the next stage by gently buzzing (the same idea as an electric toothbrush).  You spend 20secs on your forehead, 20secs on your nose, upper lip + chin, and finally 10secs on each cheek. Once I’ve done this I use another cotton wool pad to remove the cleanser.  This will have removed all the makeup and dirt from the day, however using a toner next will further clear out your pores and remove any excess cleanser. Using the toner also allows you to clean under the first level of skin.  If your skin ever feels tight, it will mean that you are using the wrong toner and should probably go for one which is designed for more sensitive skin.  The toner will also balance out the ph of your skin and will let it know how much oil to produce (this is why it’s especially important to use toner in the morning, but I’ll do another post on this soon!!). If you feel your skin tingling after using your toner, this is a good sign as it means that your skin is oxidising. Next next step is to use a serum.  I love this Lancôme Genefique serum, but it is quite expensive to buy.  Again, if anyone has any other recommendations, please let me know in the comments!!   Using a small pea sized amount, will make sure your skin is moisturised to the deepest layer, providing the new skin cells with moisture and goodness, so that by the time they work their way up to the top, your skin is looking and feeling great!! Its a four week journey for these skin cells to travel up so by using a serum, it will help with any redness and wrinkles.  If you neglect this stage, these skin cells will have three weeks of no treatment – as a moisturiser will only go as far as the first layer of skin. As it takes four weeks for your skin cells to travel up to the outer layer, its important that you exfoliate your face every week to shed off the dead layer (I use Lush’s Ocean Salt).  I also pop on a face mask once a week to give the skin a bit of extra care!  This is the Ionic Seaweed Face Mask from The Body Shop and I really like it!!    The next and final step is a moisturiser. Prior to the masterclass I used to dip my fingers in and absolutely cover my face! By doing this you can actually clog the pours which can result in the small white lumps that you sometimes get on your face.  These usually look like small white heads under the eye and unfortunately can only be removed by a facial or through 8-12weeks with exfoliation.  Instead you only need to use one finger and just have enough to cover the tip of your finger, before gently rubbing in.  If you’ve followed all the steps it should leave your skin glowing!! I’ve noticed a big difference already and that’s only after doing this for a few weeks!! Leave me your comments below and let me know if you have any other tips!! 😀😀 Xxxx


2 thoughts on “Evening Skincare Routine

  1. I think it really depends on your skin needs but if you don’t have serious issues, and then I would urge anybody to consult a specialist, a morning/evening routine consisting of throughly cleaning the skin plus toner plus moisturiser when in your 20’s should be enough. I would suggest to replace one by one the Lancôme products you have with some more affordable brands like BodyShop or Lush (which have a good balance between quality and price). I think a lot of products have a lot of functionalities (anti-wrinkles, collagen, vitamins) that are targeting more mature skin types.


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