Butterfly Braids

This is my all time favourite easy hairstyle!!! I absolutely love any hairstyles that involves braids and plaits…and the fact this is so easy to do makes it a winner for me!!

It’s especially good for me when I’m on holiday as it pulls it back off my face and helps control the frizz bomb that my hair turns into in the hot and humid weather!

To start, select the small section of hair that you would like to braid and hold it in the direction that you will be plaiting it. ย (I usually take just over an inch, or up to just behind my ear). ย I usually like to leave some hair down in front of my face, so pull any bits forward at this stage.

When plaiting the hair it’s important that you hold it in the direction the you will be pinning the hair, so that you don’t end up with any lumps and bumps when you the pin it back. Plait the first side and use a clip to pin in place, before sectioning off and plaiting the other side. ย Once you’ve finished with the second side, pull it back and overlap over the end of the first braid, clipping in the middle.

After plaiting but before clipping into place, I also use my fingers to slightly loosen the braid, but this is just down to personal preference as I like them slightly looser.

The pic below show the style a bit better and how it’s secured at the back. ย I love using a pretty little clip to pin it in place as think it just gives it that little bit extra! This one is just from ASOS and came in a set of blue and red butterflies!

I used some tongs to curl the ends of my hair as I think the gentle waves really finish off the look…but again – that’s just my preference!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ



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