HD Brows – Take 2

So it’s been 6 weeks since I had my first HD Brow treatment and from the top photo you can see that my eyebrows were in desperate need of some love and attention! For more details on what HD Brows involve, you can check out my post HD Eyebrows – The Seven Stages of the ‘Perfect Brow’

It was really important that I didn’t pluck or touch my eyebrows in between visits – so as challenging as it was, I managed to stick to this and didn’t do any DIY brow maintenance.  The reason behind this is so you can achieve your desired shape – any plucking might result in you changing the overall look.

I let the consultant know in my initial consultation that I didn’t want them to be too thick, but would like a noticeable arch.  So the same principal was applied on  my second visit.  I think you can really see that this is well on its way and you can notice a big difference even from this visit. The fact that Brow shapes are tailored to each individual is one of the key factors of HD Brows. You can choose between thick or thin, light or dark, sharp or soft.  The consultant will take into account your hair growth, colouring and face shape and along with your input, you will decide on the best shape for you.

One of the frequently asked questions that HD Brow Specialists get asked include ‘how often will I need the treatment’.  This will vary depending how quick your hair grows and how well your hair holds the colour from the tint.  I waited 6 weeks before getting mine done, but I personally felt that this was too long and have gone for 5 weeks for my next appointment. Most people tend to go for between 4-6 weeks though.

You will receive noticeable results immediately after your first visit but it may take a few visits for your brows to be perfected.  In the photo below, I’ve shown my every brows before any treatment (bottom), immediately after my first visit (middle) and just after my second visit today (top).

If you have any questions, just drop me a message!! 😃😃



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