Lush’s ‘H’Shuan Wen Hua’ Conditioning Hair Treatment – Review

If you’re looking for luscious locks, this ‘H’Shuan Wen Hua’ hair treatment is what you need to use!!  In my Lush Beauty School post I mentioned how we were fortunate enough to have a great evening at Lush and try out loads of products.  This was the product that I chose to take home with me…and couldn’t be happier with it!!

Before using it, I brush my hair through with a Tangle Teezer (now that’s something that I definitely couldn’t live without!), to make sure that the hair is smooth before putting the hair treatment in.

Make sure that you’re wearing an old top, as it can be a little messy when applying it.  I just scoop a small handful with my hand and start with the ends of my hair.  I coat the hair applying the most product on my dry ends and use my fingers to apply more as necessary.  I don’t put too much on the roots, as for me, it’s really just the ends that needs the deep conditioning. Once the treatment is in my hair, I use the Tangle Teezer to brush through – just making sure that it’s smoothed out through my hair.

I then twist up the hair and secure with a clip.  You could also put on a shower cap to avoid the treatment rubbing off on anything, but I find that once it’s secured it pretty much stays out the way!!

Once you’ve pinned it up, you leave it for approx 20 minutes before washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner normally.  You notice a huge difference after the first wash, but for really dry hair Lush recommend to apply once a week for 6 weeks.

Not only does this work amazingly well, it also smells delicious!  I’ll definitely be taking this away with me on holiday to keep my locks looking shiny, but if you have any other hair treatments that you recommend, please comment below and let me know!! 😀😀



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