Benefit Makeup Masterclass – ‘They’re Real!’ (Contains Top Tips for Eyeliner Application)

‘Cheers’ to Benefit for putting on such a great evening the other week!!

You might have seen on my Instagram that my sister and I recently went along to our local Debenhams Benefit Counter to celebrate the launch of the new ‘They’re Real’ eyeliner colours.  The evening was hosted by the lovely girls who work there and they really did a good job in showcasing the product, as well as keeping everyone entertained and providing us with TOP TIPS for applying eyeliner (I’ve popped them together and added in below so that you can hopefully follow too)!

After being welcomed with a glass of fizz on arrival, we also got to take our pick of some tasty nibbles (the cupcakes went down a treat!) before taking our seat. To our delight, we each received one of these goody bags on our seats, which were filled with a variety of miniature products!! The bags also contained a voucher for us to return at a later date to receive complimentary makeup application.  So we could get our brows taken care of too, we also received a free brow tint and shape at their brow bar!!

We were high as kites from looking through all of the free goodies (or it might have been the fact that we were now onto our second glass of champagne!), when the girls started to tell us about some of their products and give us tips and tricks on how best to apply them!

They talked us through the various skincare products and let us know that they’re so confident in them, they will give you a full refund within 28days if you don’t love them as much as they do! I have to say I’ve only sample their serum so far (and it is great), but I’ve now got minis of the moisturiser and eye cream that I can’t wait to try out!!

After they had applied the foundation, bronzers etc the girls introduced us to the new range of eyeliners.  Having already owned the black eyeliner, I’m aware of the product already and do really rate it.  The shape of the applicator means that it gets super close to the  lash line – even when wearing mascara.  In addition to the black, they now have brown, green, purple and blue too (see pic below).

Once it’s dry, the matte gel liner doesn’t budge – meaning that it really will stay put all day (something that I really like about the product)! The colours are really bold but aren’t too bright, giving a good mix of colour without being too in your face.

TOP TRICKS AND TIPS for applying include:

  • Before using: make sure you twist the base to push up the gel liner and draw a line along your hand/tissue to get rid of any old, dry product that has been sitting in the nib from its previous use.  This just makes sure that the liner goes on really smoothly once you start to use it!!
  • A TIP to apply top flicks: is to keep your eye open while you draw the outer flick.  It seems obvious but it just means that you can see how it will look – rather than having a brilliant line when your eyes are closed and opening it to find out that its off in the wrong direction!
  • Starting from the outer end of the flick and bringing it back to the lash line (rather than drawing out) will give much more control when doing the stroke and will give you a lovely straight flick – as well as a better point at the end.
  • The angle of the flick should also be in a straight, diagonal line from the end of your eye, to the bottom tip of your brow. This can be marked out by angling a pencil/brush as a guide to show the line you should take.

As you can see from the photo above, the colours are really beautiful and I can’t wait to treat myself to some now that I’ve been paid!! 💋

We also got to play about with some of the products and try them out ourselves after they’d finished the demonstration.  My sister is in love with the Blue ‘They’re Real’ mascara and I know it’s on her list to buy too!!



5 thoughts on “Benefit Makeup Masterclass – ‘They’re Real!’ (Contains Top Tips for Eyeliner Application)

  1. Those goodie bags look amazing! I love benefit, it’s one of my favourite high end brands!x I just posted 6 fun nail art designs, if you want to check it out!😊xx


  2. Oh my, so lucky 😍 That’s an amazing goodie bag! I just posted about the benefit roller lash mascara that I’m loving right now! These other products look just as amazing!!.xx 🙂


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