Pastel Polishes

In my recent post Flower Power Pedi, I mentioned that the countdown to my holiday is on (3 weeks left!!!), so I’m starting to play about with some cute nail designs.  This purple pastel colour from Topshop looks great anyway, but would really compliment tanned skin!!    After applying a base coat and two layers of Topshop’s ‘Parma Violet’ Nail Polish – leaving the ring finger to be painted with my ‘Snow White’ polish from Primark, I then left them to dry (the most difficult part!!), before moving on to the next stage.  To do the confetti affect, I used the ‘Boy Meets Girl’ (top) nail polish from Primark….another bargain purchase from there! I honestly couldn’t recommend the Primark Nail Polishes enough.  For the price (the ones I have picked up all range from 50p to £1), they apply and stay on so well.   I used the confetti polish to go over the whole of the ring finger before moving on to the rest.  On the other fingers I applied a thick line of the polish along the bottom of the nail. Make sure that the brush is covered with a lot of the confetti before dragging up in small lines with the brush. I pull it up to different points as I cross the nail to give it a more uneven look – giving you different heights over the nail.  I don’t usually pull up the confetti past 2/3 of the nail, but it’s completely down to preference. You can also apply the same method when using a glitter nail polish.  I’ve done this before…mainly during the Xmas party festivities, but it looks just as good! Hopefully you can try it out and let me know your thoughts!! Xxx


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