Boho Braids

Any hairstyle that involves a braid or plait and you’ve got me sold, so when I saw this style on Pinterest I really wanted to try it out.  This simple style as really quick and easy to do and is a great way of keeping your hair out your face or draping back that 2nd day hair!!

I really like my plaits loose and ‘messy’, so I tend to pull the hair and shake them out to give a more relaxed look. If you’re different from this and prefer a more neat look, just make sure that you pull your hair tight when plaiting and perhaps use a serum beforehand to stop any flyaways.

I’ve split up the steps in the photo below to show you how easy it is to follow….

All you need to do is section you hair into four sections (two on the top and two on the bottom) and pull each one in to a plait. I used a small see through hair bobble to keep its appearance hidden.

Once you’ve done this pull the two top sections across until the meet in the middle. Be mindful that you will be bringing the two bottom sections over too, so make sure you don’t cross them too high. Once you’ve secured them with a clip, take the two bottom sections and do the same… voilà!!! Spray a quick fix of hairspray over to keep in place and tuck in any loose ends and your ready to go!! ❤️


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