I ❤️ Coconut Oil!! My Top 5 Uses….

Coconut Oil can be used for so many things….from frying your eggs in the morning, adding as an ingredient to tasty bakes or using in a tasty Sunday roast! Its uses as a beauty product are also endless.

Coconut Oil is an oil which is extracted from the kernel of matured coconuts which is harvested from the coconut palm.

It possesses many health benefits when cooking, but as I’ve mentioned, it also has numerous uses as a natural beauty product.

Below I’ve listed some of my top uses for it….

As a Hair Treatment

I’m sure you are all aware that Coconut Oil can do wonders for adding moisture to your hair, but did you it is also good for:

  • Stimulating hair growth and slowing down any hair loss
  • Preventing hair breakage and split ends which contributes to hair length
  • Promoting the health of your scalp
  • Fights against problems such as insect bites or dandruff

When it comes to applying, make sure you apply it all over your hair and scalp to take full advantage of the above benefits.  To do this, I take a spoonful of coconut oil and rub through my hands.  With the warmth from your body heat it should melt pretty quickly, however if you’d prefer, you can spoon it into a small bowl to heat round the microwave and use in a liquid form.

Make sure you brush the oil through the hair so that it reaches every strand and massage it well into your scalp.  Twist it into a bun and leave overnight.

Although it doesn’t look the hottest, I add a shower cap over my hair to protect my pillow – you could also put down an old towel or something instead though.  Wash out the next day using shampoo.

Warning: you will look like a total grease bomb with the coconut oil in your hair, so make sure you don’t have any plans for that night! 😃

For your Hands and Feet

Coconut Oil is perfect for giving your hands some extra moisture and getting rid of any hard skin on your feet.  The heels and balls of my feet really suffer (too much dancing in high heels I think – ladies you will probably share my pain!) so Coconut Oil can really help soothe this.  I’ve also posted a separate post on foot care, which you can view here Fabulous Fresh Feet.

To give your hands and feet the TLC they deserve, make yourself comfortable (or do it just before bed) and generously apply coconut oil to the hand/foot area.

Once you’ve done this, wrap your them up to keep in the moisture. You can do this loosely with cling film, warm towels or even put on some socks.  Leave as long as possible….ideally overnight.

You should see results quite quickly, but repeat as often as required.

As a daily use, you can also take a small amount of coconut oil and use it as a hand cream/cuticle oil.  Just add a small touch onto the cuticle bed and massage in.  The oil will melt quickly and sink into your skin to nourish.

When Shaving

You can use the oil in the bath or shower and just apply to your legs before shaving.  I know a lot of people already use conditioners or baby oil to give that extra smooth finish, so this is a similar idea but using a natural product.

The oil allows you to get an extra close shave and leaves your legs moisturised and feeling extra smooth after.  It also saves you time as you won’t need to add any moisturiser once your dried!!  Saving time in the lengthy process of getting ready for a night out!

As a Makeup Remover

Using Coconut Oil around the eyes is ideal for helping protect against damage and gives a youthful appearance by softening any lines and wrinkles that you (may or may not! 😁) have.

Just put a little coconut on your fingers and gently massage over the eye, or if you’d prefer, put a small amount into a jar and use a cotton pad to rub in the coconut oil before wiping across your eye.  Next, using a damp cotton pad the time, carefully remove any oil and mascara.

For Cooking

With all the beauty uses for Coconut Oil, don’t forget that it is also a great replacement for the processed cooking oils out there.  You can use it to replace oils butters and margarine.  Not only are there added health benefits, but it gives a lovely taste to your food.

I used it to make these delicious pancakes from Madeleine Shaw’s Get the Glow book and they were unbelievably good!!

I’ve just rattled off my favourite 5 uses but for more ideas and info, I find Lucy Bee (www.lucybee.co.uk) has excellent tips and advice.  Her product is also amazing and can be bought in shops such as Sainsburys!

Enjoy my lovelies! ❤️

Feel free to comment with any tips you have!!


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