Brush Cleaning Basics

When it comes to cleaning your makeup brushes, the process involved can seem like a bit of a hassle….but it’s something that’s so important to keep on top of.  I’ve been guilty of waiting too long between washes (of my personal brushes) in the past too, but when you’re using your brushes to apply makeup daily, it can result in a serious build up of bacteria – transferring from your face to make up with every use…..not good!!!

For your own brushes, giving them a deep clean once a week is preferred, but every second week would be fine.

I have two methods when it comes to cleaning my brushes – a simple spot clean and a deep clean.   To do these I use the following products…..

For a deep clean you can’t get much better than Fairy Platinum!! I know that there are a lot of good, expensive brush cleaners out there, but I would definitely recommend this.  Some you might have read the post that I did about the Lancôme Masterclass I attended, where I picked up a lot of tips from one of their elite team members.  One of the things that he swore by is using Fairy Platinum to clean your brushes…and I would definitely agree.  You can also use other types of Fairy, or even a Baby Shampoo, but the Platinum seems to be the best for me!! 😀

To do the deep clean, I take the brushes to the sink, run some warm water and put a small amount of Fairy on to the palm of my hand. Gently swirl the head of the brush into the liquid on your hand and massage in circular motions, before running under the water.  It’s important not to get the top of the brush wet as this can loosen the glue that holds the bristles in.  Repeat this process until the brush is clean and the water runs clear.

If you do this type of clean about once every two weeks, you can also use a brush cleaning spray to avoid the product build up.

I use the Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning Spray which is shown in the pic above. This is a quick and simple method and doesn’t involve the long drying process that the deep clean does either.  It doesn’t clean the brush to the same extent, so it’s not as good for getting rid of deeply embedded make up, but it will stop the build up to an extent and definitely keep the bacteria away.

To use it, just spray the cleanser a couple of times onto a clean tissue/toilet paper/kitchen towel and then lightly rub your brush across it. Do this in various brushing movements and you will quickly see the product come off.

When leaving your brushes to dry, especially for the deep clean – make sure you shake off any excess water and place flat on a towel.  I always shape the bristles down when they are wet so that they don’t dry at funny angles.

They can take quite a while to dry, so I always try and do the deep clean after I’ve applied my make up in the morning, so it will be ready for the next day.

If you’re someone who hasn’t done a brush clean in a while (or ever!!!😯) and you do the above process, I guarantee you will fall in love with your brushes again and notice a huge difference in your make up application.

Have a go and let me know how you get on!! 💋



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