Dermalogica Facials

When the offer for a 45 minute Customised Dermalogica Facial at a local beauty salon came through ‘itison’ (a voucher website offering discount deals in your local area 😀) the other week, I couldn’t resist!

Offering a bespoke treatment for £22 at a brand new city centre spa, both my mum and I jumped at the deal (usually £45) and got ourselves booked up.
On arrival we competed a consultation questionnaire, before our therapist performed a zone by zone face mapping skin analysis (the results of which are presented to you in a post treatment consultation).

A customised treatment was provided based on the above, along with a choice of stress relief touch therapy (head, hand or foot massage).

This was my first experience of using Dermalogica products and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.  The products that were used all had an AMAZING smell and left my skin feeling fresh and clean. I’ve been to facials before where you leave with a super shiny, greasy face – but this wasn’t the case at all!

As I mentioned earlier, the results of our face mapping skin analysis were presented to us, highlighting areas from the chart below that had the following:

– breakout activity   – comedones   – dilated capillaries   – dehydration       – pigmentation   – fine lines   – deep lines   – sensitivity/redness


Products were then suggested to us, based on the results shown on the face map and our consultant talked through what could be beneficial to our skin.  We were also given a small sample to take home so we could try this out in our own skin care routines.

Overall I would definately recommend the Dermalogica range and if you have an opportunity to get yourself booked in for a facial…definately treat yourself!! 😀



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