Beauty Bibles – Online vs Hardbacks

In a day where YouTube Tutorials and Online Guides from Beauty Bloggers are plentiful, the question is raised whether there is really a need for the traditional form of Beauty Bibles….the good old book!!

Logging on to Amazon and being presented with thousands of options by various makeup artists and brands, suggests that there are still plenty of people choosing this method to pick up some tips.  So why are people still choosing to read a real book, when there are so many free ‘how to’ guides online? 

Many people (myself included) like the feel of a book in their hands and the ability to manually flick through the pages – without being bombarded by adverts and spammy messages!  Although the volume of information online is much greater, this can both be an advantage and disadvantage when you are given so much conflicted advice by various sources.  This is another benefit for the book – as information included needs to be verified.

Although I love an Internet browse and can literally spend hours getting lost on blogs, YouTube and various Instagram/Twitter pages, there is still something to be said for owning a real ‘beauty bible’.  Take your time, do some research on your favourite makeup artists and look through reviews.  The books don’t have to cost a fortune to be worth the read and can an endless amount of value!!

What do you prefer? Do you have any books or sites that are your ‘go to’ source of information.

Let me know! 😀



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