How To Apply False Lashes

So the title of this post gives a pretty good insight into what this post will cover 😜

False lashes….we all love ’em but let’s face it, they can be fiddly little things to get right!! I’ve put together this post to give a few simple tips, that will hopefully make your life a lot easier when it comes to trying to apply them.

There are so many brands and varieties of eyelashes out there, so picking the right style of lashes for you might be a bit of a trial and error until you find your favourites.  Eylure have a great selection and are also really good as they show you what the lashes look like when worn (on the back of the packet) – however cheaper lashes such as Collection 2000 or even Primark work well too!

When choosing which lashes to go for, first you will need to decide whether your looking for a natural, volume or extra length look. This will then narrow down which option to select. There are so many to pick from!! 😍

Once you’ve got your lashes, it’s important to measure them to the length of your eye (before applying glue!).  There’s nothing worse than adding the glue, going to stick it on and then realising that the strip sits too long, with the lashes sticking past your natural eyelash line.  This gives a really unnatural look and distorts the shape of the eye – so please don’t skip this step!!

If the eyelashes are too long, then mark with your fingers where you need to cut too and use a pair of small nails scissors to trim to the desired length.  I cut from the outer edge, to keep the overall shape.

Next, add some glue along the strip and leave for a minute to allow the glue to get ‘tacky’.  Most eyelash packets will include a small tube of glue, but depending on the brand of lashes, the quality and how well this glue works can vary – so it’s a good idea to invest in some good glue! ‘Duo’ is a good, inexpensive brand and again, available in most drug stores.

It’s a good idea to put a light coating of mascara on your eyelashes before adding your falsies, so this can be done whilst you’re waiting for the glue to get tacky, or before – whatever you prefer!! This creates a ‘shelf’ to support the false eyelashes and also curls them up to blend them in.

Once the glue has started to dry, use a set of tweezers to line up and place on the base of your eyelashes, along the eyelash line.  Use the tweezers to push down and position.

Once dry, you may want to add some liquid liner along the strip to cover any glue and add a quick coat of mascara to coat your own lashes into the false ones.

I’m a big false lash fan (especially now that we’re in the party season) and find that they’re a great addition to finish off your look!!

Let me know how you get on and don’t forget to comment if you have any questions! 😀



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