Flower Braid

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your hair this New Year’s Eve why not try this pretty hairstyle.

It’s so simple to do, looks amazing and saves on the costs of getting someone to do it for you!

To recreate this look, follow the step by step guide below:

Step 1 – Use some large barrelled curling tongs to create a loose wave through your hair. Run your fingers through the hair to separate out the curls before giving a light spritz of hair spray.

Step 2 – Pull a small section from either side of your face.  Twist each section and secure with a small clear bobble (see pic below).  This is what we will use to make the basis of the flower.

If your hair is layered and the front sections are shorter, you might find that the bobbled section is too thin to add a plait to.  To combat this, just take add some additional hair from behind where the bobble sits and add it into the ponytailed section.  This is where the hair is at its longest and will add extra volume.

Step 3 – Plait down the ponytailed section.  If you prefer, you can add another small bobble to secure the bottom – or just use your fingers to hold the plait until we get to the next stage.

Step 4 – Curl the plait round in a circle to create the look of a flower.  Once wrapped round, use a Kirkby grip to secure in place.

Eh voila!!

You’re ready to go! 😀


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