Top Tips for Applying Eyeliner

When it comes to applying eyeliner it can be a real pest to get right – but its true what they say….practice does make perfect!

It can be frustrating, so I’ve put together a couple of tips to get you started which will hopefully help you on your way to perfect winged lines 🙂

A good eyeliner always helps and I find that Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ is one of my favs.  There are cheaper alternatives though and I also rate Rimmel ‘Glam Eyes’ Liquid Liner / Loreal ‘Super Liner Eye Liner’

TOP TRICKS AND TIPS for applying include:

  • Before using: If you are using Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ or a similar style of liner, you will need to make sure that you twist the base to push up the gel liner and draw a line along your hand/tissue to get rid of any old, dry product that has been sitting in the nib from its previous use.  This just makes sure that the liner goes on really smoothly once you start to use it!!
  • A TIP to apply top flicks: is to keep your eye open while you draw the outer flick.  It seems obvious but it just means that you can see how it will look – rather than having a brilliant line when your eyes are closed and opening it to find out that its off in the wrong direction!
  • Starting from the outer end of the flick and bringing it back to the lash line (rather than drawing out) will give much more control when doing the stroke and will give you a lovely straight flick – as well as a better point at the end.
  • The angle of the flick should also be in a straight, diagonal line from the end of your eye, to the bottom tip of your brow. This can be marked out by angling a pencil/brush as a guide to show the line you should take.

If you struggle to find the shape on the first attempt, it might be easier for you to use a flat tipped brush and mark out your line in a dark eyeshadow first.  Acting as a line to trace, applying the shadow first is especially useful if you’re just starting out – as it’s easier to wipe away the shadow and take a few attempts, than going straight for the liquid line.

Eyeliner really is something that I’ve struggled with in the past, but like I say, with these starter tips and a bit of practice, hopefully you’ll be well on your way to the perfect flick! 🙂



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