Healthy Lifestyle Plan – Results with Lucy (Review)

So after completely over indulging over the festive period (NOTE: Chocolate for breakfast and copious amounts of wine WILL mean that you put on weight!), I decided to kick start the New Year with a healthy lifestyle plan.

I’ll admit that my will power usually sits at about zero, so to begin with I need a plan to get me back on the right tracks.  Something that’s easy to follow and lays it out straight for me in terms of what I need to eat, when I need to exercise etc.

After stumbling around the Net, I came across the Results With Lucy site and was drawn in.  [I also want to point out at this stage that I loathe the word ‘diet’ and what I was looking for was something that would highlight some healthy lifestyle choices/changes to make rather than a quick fix, crash diet].  After reading the profiles of her different plans and realising that depending on what programme you went for, you could combine a ‘Eatwell’ healthy eating plan with an Exercise Programme, it had me sold!!

Starting on 4th Jan, I started the six week ‘Wobble to Model’ plan and have good things to report so far! [Keep scrolling down for a week by week update!] 😀 

A six week plan for £39.99 includes the following…

With a workout planned for every second day, your ‘rest days’ are just as important in your progress. The workouts are broken down into segments that vary from cardio, yoga, HIIT workouts – as well as taking advantage of the benefits of a foam roller!  These are grouped together in different formats, with a warm up and cool down, so on average they last between 45-60 mins… meaning that they can easily fit into your daily schedule!

Food wise, I’ve loved it.  Yes there are times when I am feeling peckish and I do miss having snacks, but with protein rich food and recipes which are filled with different veg, the meals themselves tend to leave you feeling full.  Here are some of my favourite for this week which includes fish curry, meatballs and chicken salad.

Drinking a pint of lemon with water on rising, a typical day involves breakfast, lunch, dinner and a smoothie ‘snack’.  The smoothie of the week, was the Clean and Clear (containing spinach, kale, broccoli, pineapple and banana) – definately tastes better than it looks!!

Not surprisingly, I haven’t noticed any physical changes, but energy levels are definately on the up and looking forward to getting into week 2!

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Week two was slightly tougher than the first week. The novelty of healthy eating had worn off slightly and the cravings for a chocolate bar or greasy fish and chips started to sink in!! I made it through though and feel proud of myself for doing so!

There have been moments when I have been pretty hungry (not gonna lie!) but I’m beginning to notice a flatter tummy and in general I find that my health and energy has been better, which is keeping me going!

Again the meals have been super tasty and the exercise has been ramped up, so I’m enjoying the variety it brings.

Here’s my favourite meals from week 2….

Now on to week 3!!! 😀



Week 3 is now done and dusted and I’m past the halfway mark!! 😀

Still really enjoying the recipes and the variety in the meals, but I’m finding some days I have to add a cheeky (healthy) snack in too – as I’m just too hungry!!

I’m still really glad that I’ve decided to embark on the Results with Lucy journey, but I do have a couple of points to note at this stage.

  1. I find that with the variety of meals, it means that there are a lot of left overs….my freezer is struggling to cope with the amount of food squeezed in
  2. As each lunch and dinner is a new meal, it can also be quite expensive to buy all the ingredients.
  3. With a workout every day, naturally there is some repetition – which when you know what’s coming can either be a help or a hinderance!
  4. The exercise components range from salsa dancing, cardio, 3D stretching/toning etc.  It’s great to be able to provide a variety of exercises but for me personally, I’m quite set in the types of exercise that I enjoy and feel much more enthused with some routines than others.

The above are just my thoughts on the plan and completely down to personal preference –   but seeing as I’m updating you with my progress, I thought I should note them down!

Again here are some of my favourite meals from week 3…..

Will keep you posted with week 4!



I’m well and truly on the homestretch now, having just completed Week 4 of the ‘Wobble to Model’ plan.

This week was titled ‘Sup’ed Up’ week, where the focus was on using superfoods and their nutrient content to provide the raw materials to support the collagen and elastin properties in your skin.

This saw the addition of superfoods such as goji berries, maca powder and flaxseeds making a regular appearance in the recipes. I had all these in the storecupboard anyway, but they can be quite pricey if you have to buy them all in addition to your weekly shop.

The intensity of the workouts have been ramped up a level, but by working up to it from weeks 1-3, the step should be manageable. I really notice a difference in my strength with things like planks and press-ups – which is great to mark down as an achievement.

Sadly after taking a progress photo, I don’t see the changes that I had hoped for (or much at all!) Which is pretty disappointing – but there have been days when I haven’t completely followed the plan, so this could be expected. The other thing I need to remember is that I’m feeling MUCH better and although the results maybe aren’t showing as much as I’d like, it has only been 4 weeks – so I’m maybe being too critical.

Again, here are some tasty treats from the past week…



Another week down and only one more to go! I don’t have much more to,add to the comments above, but again the meals have all been delicious and I’ve noticed another step up on the exercise side.

Due to health reasons, I follow a gluten free diet.  One of my concerns before starting the Results with Lucy programme, was whether it would be accommodating for different dietary requirements.  I’m glad to report that it has been more than suitable for me and as a result, I feel the best I’ve done in aaaages.  By planning and pre-preparing all my meals, it means I’m not tempted to indulge in anything bad for me – so my stomach has definately been thanking me!! There are also vegetarian alternatives for the meat based meals – again offering an alternative for different diets, or preferences.

Exercise wise, the programmes are tending to start with a warm up, followed by a 3D standing or floor exercise section (or both!) and ending in cardio workout – before moving onto the cool down section and ending with the foam rolling. Usually this takes about 1hr 15-1hr 30. So you do have to make sure that you set the time aside.

For the second last time, here are some of my favourites from this week!!



I’ve now completed my six week programme and feeling really great!!! I did find it tough to stick to all aspects for the whole duration, but the tasty meals and variety in exercise made it easy to follow the majority of the time.

The big question now is would I recommend my Results with Lucy experience…..

….The answer would be Yes BUT I would rate it higher with a few improvements.

Upon completion, you are sent a feedback form, so I have passed on my thoughts and hope that they are taken on board (I’m sure they get lots and lots though!) I’ve listed these the throughout the blog post, but in my opinion, the meals (which serve 3-4) should either be repeated or smaller recipes included, so that there’s not such a high cost associated with buying all the ingredients each week – or so many leftovers!!

I also think this might be more suited to those that don’t have a gym membership, as I missed my usual classes at the gym – but feel to have not used the fitness video aspect, the £40 charge would have been too steep!

All in all though, I feel great, I’ve lost a little bit of weight – especially round my middle and I’ve noticed my fitness/strength levels go up!

My final favs of the week are listed below!!

Enjoy 😀


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