The Secret to Perfect Skin (Sssshhh!)

Perfect skin is definately hard to come by, but hopefully by following the tips below, you will be well on your way to achieving it!

Inspired by the foundations of Bobbi Brown’s ‘Skin Makeup Lesson’, I have put together the following tips and tricks to help you…

PREP – To make sure that your concealer and foundation go on smoothly, make sure that you always prep the skin.  Remember – cleanse, tone and moisturise!! Using products designed for your type of skin (oily/normal/dry) along with a good primer, means that your makeup will go on seamlessly and look flawless.

CORRECT AND CONCEAL – I’ve done a separate post on colour correcting (Click here to view) which goes into further detail on how to counteract any skin tone imperfections – but to brighten any dark circles under your eyes, a peach toned concealer will give you an instant lift.  Just remember to apply as close as possible to the lash line and into the inner corner of the eye.

FIND YOUR SHADE – To find your perfect foundation shade, use the side of your face (around your jawline area) and swatch a few options.  Go for the shade that blends in to your skin tone – and almost disappears!

EVEN OUT – To apply your foundation you can use many tools (brush, sponge, fingers…) but the same technique will apply.  Start from around the nose and mouth and blend out.  This means that the foundation is thickest where there is often redness and doesn’t look too heavy on other areas.

SET – To make sure your foundation lasts the day/night, use a sheer face powder to set your make up.  This will also help you keep the shine away if you suffer from an oily face. You can also pick up setting sprays from the likes or MAC and Urban Decay that will help keep your make up in place too.

WARM UP – To give warmth to your skin, use a large brush and add some bronzer to where the sun would normally hit your face (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin).  A touch of shimmer along your cheekbones will also help your skin to glow!

Hopefully this helps, but remember a good skincare routine is essential to keeping your skin in top condition!  My post on Skincare Routines gives some more tips and product recommendations to get your skin looking its best.

Enjoy! 😀



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