5 Simple nail designs perfect for Valentines! 💕

Each year on 14th Feb, many people exchange cards, flowers or gifts with their loved ones. Regardless of whether you have a significant other half – try these valentine themed nails and love is bound to come your way (…..although not guarantees are made 😜!)

The nail designs below are all really easy to follow and take next to no time to do). My nail art skills are limited (especially when it comes to using my left hand!) so some of the lines aren’t perfect….but hey – it adds a bit of character! 😀

Make sure that you leave the nails to dry before attempting any nail art! I also use dotting tools (like these ones) to create a lot of the designs – if you don’t have, you can order up from the likes of Amazon/eBay for a couple of pounds.  A good base and topcoat is also essential!!

[Please excuse the state of my cuticles in these photos!!]


 Designs 1, 3 and 5 are all very similar and use the same base colours.

Using Nails Inc ‘Victoria & Albert’ I painted all but the ring finger – applying two coats.  For the remaining finger, I used my Angelica polish in ‘Snow White’ to give the white background we use for the nail art finger.  For the heart, I used the brush of my Nails Inc ‘Marylebone Lane’ and drew two diagonal lines, bringing them to a meeting point in the middle.  Make sure that you wipe off any excess polish from the brush to avoid it blotting.  If need be you can go over it a few times to bolden the colour.



This is one of my favourite designs and uses Topshop’s ‘Zealous’ polish on the pinky, index finger and thumb.  The ring and middle fingers have Barry M ‘Vintage Violet’ applied.

Using Nails Inc ‘Cavier Topcoat Glitter’ to give a bit of sparkle on the middle finger, I used the same principal from the first design to draw the heart on the ring finger. To finish the nail, I used one of my dotting tools (with a small head) and dipped into my white polish.  Take a scattergun approached and add the dots where you think best!!


Using the same colours from the first design (Nails Inc – Victoria & Albert, Angelica – Snow White), I used a dotting tool and dipped it into Rimmel ‘Black Out’ to draw the envelope lines.  In hindsight, a thin brush would have provided a sleeker line – so if you have one, choose it instead!!  Draw the two diagonal lines from the side of your nail to meet in the middle (to create the top part of the envelope) and from that, draw two downward lines outwards on either side to complete.

A dotting tool is ideal for creating the heart, so just dip it into your polish, add two small circles a small distance apart and pull down in a diagonal line, to meet in a point. Make sure that you use a small dotting tool for this, so you don’t end up with a blob!



This was my last look that I created, so (by default!) its the one that I’ve stuck with this weekend.  I’m not complaining though as I love this look!!

I used the Topshop shade from design 3 (Zealous) and applied to all nails.  Once dry, I used Barry M ‘Atlantis’ as a colourful glitter topcoat on the thumb and ring finger, before getting the good old dotting tool out again!!

Dipping it in to Topshop ‘Remember my Name’, I used it to add small love hearts to the base of the remaining fingers.  Again, it’s easiest to do this if you add two dots slightly apart and then pull down the excess polish to create the point of the heart!!


This is my right hand, so this design is the least neat as I had to use my left hand to do it!!

Again it’s the same colours from posts 1 and 3 and using a dotting tool, I created the small hearts.  Use a slightly bigger headed one – as the hearts here are big bigger than what I’ve  shown in previous pictures, then decorate with a few small dots to complete!

Let me know if you try any of these out and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram or Twitter

Enjoy your Valentines weekend lovelies! 😘



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