Brunette Babes you need this in your life….

I recently took the plunge and went to the dark (brunette) side!! After spending years highlighting my hair, this was a big step for me…but I LOVE it!!

The only problem was, with such a light colour before, it was fading too quickly!

This is where JOHN FRIEDA came to the rescue…

A quick trip to Boots though sorted me out and I left with a new shampoo/conditioner combo, along with a colour treatment – to give an added boost.

As much as I loved the Garnier Ultimate Blends combo, it was doing nothing for my newly dyed darker locks.  The John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner however (which is designed for all brunette shades), is perfect for locking in moisture and definately reduces the fading of colour. My hair was feeling amazing after switching, but the blonde was still fighting to get through.

So I move to the next product…

The Visibly Deeper Colour Treatment, which claims to give a surge of deeper darker colour, was definately the star buy!  With a third off in Boots at the moment (which makes it even better!), I picked it up for £6.66 (usually £9.99).

I used this for the first time yesterday and it was noticeably darker again!! 🎉 It recommends that you use it once a week, replacing your normal conditioner with the colour darkening treatment and leaving on for 5-10mins.  The unique blend of cool tones and hair smoothing technology is apparently what works to even out faded colour – and leaves the brunette colour looking deeper, darker, richer and highly reflective.

I wasn’t the only one that noticed the darker tones return, which was even better!! It also added an extra bounce to my curls – showing that the conditioning claims prove to be true too!

I wish that I had taken a before and after shot to allow you to compare the difference, but as I got up extra early for work to allow me to do the treatment, it was a) too dark and b) too early!! 💤

Next time I use it, I will pop the pictures up on Instagram – so make sure that you’re following me!! And if your brunette locks are needing a boost, get a move on and make sure you give it a try! 😀



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