Lazy Braids

It’s Friday morning – I’ve snoozed the alarm one too many times and suddenly having a panic about how I can make myself presentable for the day ahead. Queue this pretty hairstyle…


This cute little braid is super quick to do and by pinning back your hair, it helps disguise the ‘unwashed’ look (nice, I know)!

I have a (just off) centre parting, so to start with I pull a small section of hair across to give myself a ‘side fringe’ look.  Splitting the hair into three sections, I quickly braid it across to the opposite side.

To do this braid, I plait it slightly different way from a standard French Plait – in that I only add additional hair to the first two sections (the section closed to my forehead and the middle).  The furthest back section uses the same piece of hair throughout, similar as you would in a standard plait.  This is completely down to preference, but I think that it keeps a softer line that blends in to the rest of your hair better.

Once I get to a point that I’m happy with, I stop adding additional hair to the other two sections and plait back – securing with a Kirby grip.

And I’m ready to go!

(Copious amounts of Dry Shampoo may also have been used in the post) 🙂




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