Ladies Lock in with Linton & Mac

Aberdeen based, Linton & Mac had their ‘Glam Squad’ out in force at their Ladies Lock In event on Friday.  Held in conjunction with a newly launched cocktail menu at Paramount, the girls from one of Aberdeen’s hottest new Hair and Beauty salon were on site to offer Hair Ups and Express Lashes.

After being welcomed with a Prosecco based cocktail (along with discount cards for some of the local bars and clubs) we took our seats whilst the girls from L&M got down to business.

With the event being so busy, the hair ups were in high demand…

… So we decided to go for the Express Lashes instead.

Whilst we waited, we were able to watch in awe as the stylists created voluminous hair transformations in next to no time.  Whether the girls were looking for big bouncy curls, high quiffs or neat up dos, the stylist were able to offer this free of charge on the evening.  So no wonder they were in high demand!

It also gave us the opportunity to sample some additional cocktails and canapés…..and check out the freebies in our goody bags!

A couple of sweeties (which always go down a treat!) mixed with some L’oreal and Kerastase samples was a good little mix – and fitted in to our handbags well!

When it was our turn for lashes, we were called up to the ‘lash bar’ and asked to pick our falsies from a selection of different volumes, lengths and looks.  The girl did a great job of applying them (extra props for doing it in a dimly lit bar!) and making sure that they sat right on the lash line. [I also have a post with tips on how to apply your own false lashes HERE]

The event ran from 5.30pm until 7.30pm on Friday and was a great way to see what Linton & Mac can offer – whilst having a few cocktails with the girlies.  I’ve been wanting to head along to the new salon for a while, but after seeing the skills that these girls have, I’ll definately be getting myself booked in soon!

If you hear of a new Salon opening in your area, make sure you follow them on Facebook/Social Media (or join their mailing lists) to keep up to date with events like this.  Companies are always looking for ways to engage with potential new clients, so quite often there will be events similar to this – or opening parties for you to pop along.  Numbers are often limited, so will it’s important to be ‘in the know!’ 😜

If you’re in the Aberdeen area, you can find out more about Linton & Mac HERE



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