Mixology @ Paramount – Aberdeen

If you’re a follower, you might remember that I previously wrote above the Ladies Lock in Evening with Aberdeen based, Linton and Mac.  Hosted by Paramount as part of the celebration to launch their new cocktail menu, there were a variety of prizes to be won during the evening…

I was the lucky winner of their Mixology package (after entering a business card drop), which meant that me and five friends were to be treated to an evening of making (and drinking!) some of Paramount’s favourite cocktails.

We were greeted with a Raspberry Bellini and Paramount’s signature ‘Charlie Sheen’ shot (the recipe for this is supposedly kept ‘top secret’, but involves a combination of Redbull, Prosecco and Flavoured Vodka) and shown to our own private area with pop up bar.

Our host for the evening – the lovely Mark then introduced himself and gave us a breakdown of what the night would involve….

Making four cocktails, he would demonstrate how to make a Cosmo, Mojito, Pornstar Martini and French Martini, letting us have a go after each demo.

As there were six of us (I think usual bookings are a min of 8), we teamed up into groups of two and each group was given the opportunity to make one of the cocktails each – with one team going twice….guessing this is why they usually start from 8 people!!

With Mark’s demo and our two copy cat attempts, it meant that we were able to sample three of each cocktail between the six of us.

After the mixology was over, we were taken to a booth in the main bar area, where we picked a cocktail from their extensive list (containing a mix of old favourites as well as Paramounts new ‘in house’ ones) and tucked into our buffet platter – which was also part of the package. Containing wedges, chicken nuggets, spring onions etc, it meant we were able to ‘soak up’ some of the copious cocktails we’d consumed by this point and fill the ‘drunken hunger’ that was starting to surface!!

We took advantage of having the reserved area and stayed for some more cocktails before moving on to Nox (…yes ok, it was more than a couple that we stayed for!! 😜)

Overall we had such a good evening and would highly recommend for a girly night out!! At £25 per person, it’s such good value for money too 🍸🍸🍸

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