Top 5 Tips – How to Make Sure your Make-Up Survives this Heatwave! ☀️

I’m sure you’re all out enjoying this brilliant weather that we’re having…finally a summer!! 🎉 (Even if it does last just a few days!). However, if the temperature rising also sends your Make-Up running, then you need to sort this out!  Summer dresses aren’t as cute when accompanied by shiny faces and panda eyes!!

If your finding that your Make-Up melts off your skin within the first 5 minutes of being in the sun – there are some tips that you can add into your routine to reduce this.  I’ve listed my top 5 below, but if you have anymore, then feel free to comment and share!

1. Preparation is key!

It’s a step that so many people overlook, but cleansing/toning sets the skin up perfectly for applying your Make-Up.  Especially in hot and humid conditions, it removes any grime, oil and general yucky build up from your skin – providing you with a clean canvas to begin your application.

This ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ Cleanser by Lush is one of my favourites and comes in two sizes.  It’s also perfect to freshen your skin when travelling and give your skin a quick boost!

2. Moisturise

I know that this might seem a strange step if you suffer from oily skin, but there are so many good moisturisers – both high end and high street (so perfect for any budget!), that are designed for oily skin and provide a mattifying effect.

3. Primer

As someone who suffers from oily skin on a daily basis, primer is a lifesaver for me!  On holiday to Cuba last year, Benefits ‘Porefessional’ literally stopped me from looking like a shiny mess in all my photos.  Using a brush to apply also prevents the oils from your hands transferring and helps keep a smoother finish for longer.

I’m also a bit fan of this Laura Mercier Mattifying Primer, that can be used before and after Make-Up application (although I’m yet to try it in the second way)!

4. Translucent Powder

Setting your Make-Up is also a big must in this hot weather.  Translucent Powder is great for mattifying your face (without changing the colour) and can also be bought from a range of brands – catering for all budgets again! I know that NYX Cosmetics do a really good high street option and I’m in love with this Laura Mercier powder.

It might not always be convenient to carry the powder in your handbag, so if you’re heading out, I’d also recommend taking a pressed powder with you.  My go to for this is MAC’s Blot Powder, which has been a staple item in my Make-Up bag for years now (obviously not the same compact! 😜)

5. Finishing Spray

So many Make-Up brands have now launched their own versions, but in my opinion, you can’t get better than Urban Decay.  Setting your Make-Up will help to keep it in place and it should last longer.

Unfortunately I’m all out of my setting spray, so can’t provide you with a full set of photos! (I wasn’t prepared for this good weather!)

An extra tip….(don’t say I’m not good to you!) is to change to waterpoof mascara – this will prevent any smudging under the eyes from the added moisture on your face!

Obviously if you are in hot and sweaty(!) conditions, your Make-Up will slide slightly, but these tips should help you on your way to keeping your fabulous Make-Up in place longer!


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