Rimmel’s 14 Day Super Gel Polish – Product Review 💅🏻

I struggle to get my nail polish to stay chip free for longer than a day (or night out!), so love a longer lasting Gel option.  I’ve had big problems with allergies when getting my nails done using the UV option before (swollen giant fingers are not a good look – and v painful!!), so the lure of a gel finish from a ‘normal’ nail polish range was too tempting to knock back – especially when it was by Rimmel, one of my fav ‘drugstore’ brands.

I put the ‘Super Gel’ varnish to the test and rated how it performed over the following categories…

Colours – 6/10
The colours on offer gave a good mix – from pale nudes to deep reds & purples.  There were also some bolder colours to choose from, including the bright pink (‘024 Red Ginger’) that I opted for.  There’s not the same range of colour and shades that are available from Rimmel’s usual line, but still a good selection to pick from that covers all bases.

Price – 8/10

I picked up the coloured varnish and top coat from Boots, where it was on offer for ‘2 for £10’.  At £5 per varnish, I think it’s pretty reasonable!!

Application – 10/10

I love the thick brush!! It makes the application so easy, requiring only a few strokes to fully cover the nail. Top marks for this!

Finish -7/10

To me, the polish doesn’t quite set in the same way as an actual ‘Gel’ manicure. I didn’t find the finish to be as smooth or as shiny, but nonetheless, it still looked lovely.

Durability – 6/10

So the big question is, does it live up to its 14 day claim…

Well for me, no.  Unfortunately my colour lasted about 5 days before some of the nails started to chip.  This is still MUCH longer than when compared to painting my nails with normal polish however (I seriously don’t know what I do with my nails)!!

Removing – 10/10

Unlike the Gel equivalent, the polish can still be removed with simple nail varnish remover – so there’s no difficulty or ‘faffing’ when it comes to taking off the colour.

Overall – 7/10

Overall I rate this product and would definitely choose it over a standard polish for durability.  However for variety of colours, I would stick to my normal varnish  😀 💕


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