Halloween Inspo: Snapchat Filter

Everyone loves a bit of snapchat action, so if you’re looking for some inspiration this Halloween, why not try looking at some of the filters.  Whether it’s classics such as the dog face or floral headband – or newer ones such as the dear or diamond glasses, there’s plenty to get creative with.

This Halloween, Aberdeen’s bloggers outdid themselves and organised the brilliant #aberscream event. With fancy dress ‘optional’, I had visions of recreating scenes from Bridget Jones or Elle in Legally Blonde, but everyone put in a really good effort (and big round of applause for those who organised!).

As above, I took my lead from one of the most popular filters on snapchat and got myself kitted up as the ‘Butterfly Filter’.

Girls, if you’re looking for a quick and easy outfit – this is what you need.  Low cost and simple, it makes it a perfect choice (especially if you’ve maybe left things a bit last minute)!

I took a trip to Hobbycraft and picked up the butterflies below, giving me a mix of sizes to match the filter look.

The larger butterflies (£3) came with clips attached and the smaller ones (£3.50) had thin wires, which I then used to wrap round hair clips for fastening.

I also purchased some gold hair spray (I actually thought it was a gold glitter spray, which would work better if you are planning to recreate) and then sprayed through some front strands and across my parting.  To give a bit of extra sparkle I then added some glitter to the hair whilst the spray was still wet, to get it to stick.

For the make up, I used a gold eyeshadow to create the dots across the head.  This gave a good solid base of cover, before I added the sparkle again.  Using the Eylure glue that comes with their false lashes, I applied it on top of the gold circles and created a few smaller glitter areas (adding Sara Hill’s ‘Holy Grail’ glitter).

To finish off the look, this L’Oréal ‘Gold Obsession’ Lipstick was the perfect choice.

I’m currently working on another Halloween look, which should be up shortly. In the meantime, here are a couple more snaps below.

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