Halloween: Unicorn Fancy Dress – DIY

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! I hope you all enjoyed a spooky weekend – I’ve loved seeing everyone’s fancy dress efforts on Instagram and Twitter ๐Ÿ‘ป

I had a lot of comments on my DIY Unicorn costume, so thought I’d post a step by step guide for you to follow. ย It might be a little late to for your trick or treat costume this year – but you don’t always need an excuse to dress up as a unicorn (right?!) ๐Ÿ˜œ

1. I based the unicorn horn on this floral headband from ASOS…

…Picking it up as a total bargain on the sale – it gave me a great base to build my unicorn horn on.

To make space for the unicorn horn, I removed the middle flower keeping it to add on to the headband at a later point.

2. To get the horn shape I used a piece of felt and rolled it into a cone shape. ย Filling it with this toy stuffing (leaving about an inch gap) I then placed it in the gap where the middle flower was originally and wrapped the felt across the ribbon, glueing it to secure.

I then used the thread to wrap it around the cone, giving it a swirled shape. Placing the ‘spare’ flower on the edge of the horn, it was starting to take shape….

3. I also picked up this artificial flower from Hobbycraft, which has a range of textures and sizes of flowers.

Detaching a variety of the flowers, I then glued it onto headband – filling any gaps.

4. The final addition to the headband was the beads. ย I had an old pearl necklace (Primark’s finest!) that I took some beads from and attached to shorter peaces of thin thread, before tying it to the ribbon.

And we are done!!! ๐Ÿ˜˜

Here are a couple more photos for you to see how it all came together…


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