Healthy Lifestyle Changes – Food for Fitness – 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge

So January is here again and yet again I found myself over indulging during the festive period (will I ever learn?! 🙈).  This year is a big one for me and with a wedding in December, I want to start making some healthy lifestyle changes – so that I can avoid a last minute crash diet, but still look my best come The Big Day 👰🏼

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you might remember that last year I signed up to Results with Lucy, which was good (you can read more HERE) however there were points where I felt a real lack of food made it difficult to keep it going on a long term basis.

With this in mind, I was slightly dubious about signing up to another ‘meal plan’, but after receiving an email from Food for Fitness inviting me to join their first 30 day fat loss challenge, it drew me in…

Describing the programme as ‘a new realistic and affordable programme for busy people that will help you burn fat, get stronger and look amazing naked without the food cravings, hunger or punishing fitness regimes..’ it sounded ideal! Scrolling further down and finding that the meal plan is filled with ‘epic foods, yummy carbs and even includes tasty treats like chocolate and bacon rolls’ I was (almost) sold!

The thing that really pushed me to sign up though was the price… For a one off payment of just £30 you would get access to the meal plan, progress diary, shopping lists and also a support group on Facebook where people going through the challenge at the same time could chat and motivate each other, as well as communicate with an assigned nutritionist.

Signing up, I quickly received my plan and plan put a week by week up date on how I find the programme below…so come back for more updates (or follow me over on Twitter).


Starting Weight = Too Much (I feel a bit like Bridget Jones writing this!)

After signing up you are emailed a link to your programme which provides details of the meals for the weeks ahead. Scrolling through, it all looks good and the recipes sound amazing. There is a separate folder which acts as a shopping list for each week, meaning that purchasing all the food is super simple. As each evening meal is repeated for lunch the next day, it’s also really convenient and cuts down on leftovers.  Portion sizes are usually for 4-6, so it is also suitable for feeding your other half/families! 😀 Anything left over can also be frozen.

It’s structured for three meals and three snacks per day, although this is reduced if you don’t excercise that day – again so easy to follow.

After completing the first week, I have posted some of my favourites meals to let you see the variety that is on offer.

End of week 1 update 

I’ve LOVED it so far!!

Yes, there have been times when I’ve been on the hungry side, but the snacks are great and really substantial, helping to fill you up in between meals.

The recipes are all easy to follow and I’ve enjoyed cooking them each night. The fact lunch is repeated the next day means I don’t have to worry about making something in the morning to take with me, or even making something different at night.

There is real variety too.  Whether your starting your day with eggs, oats, yoghurt or a bacon roll, it’s all quick to make and doesn’t leave you bored with repetitiveness.

I was really good during the week and stuck to the plan 100% Monday to Friday, however I did have a little deviation on Saturday and Sunday lunch times.  Having a friends birthday and a visit to the Your Wedding Expo, the temptation to indulge was definitely there however I was sensible with substitute lunch choices and limited the alcohol intake.

Workout wise, I went to 3 classes this week (Circuits, Spin and Metafit) and walked to work on the days that I didn’t go to the gym.  Subbing out a snack on the days that I didn’t meet the 30 minutes of exercise.

Weighing in today at 1.4kg lighter – get in! 🙂


Week 2 has passed in a blur and can’t believe that I’m two weeks in already! I had a mini wobble earlier on in the week, where the motivation to go home and cook a meal really wasn’t there, but I pushed myself to avoid a takeaway on the way home and stuck to the plan.  I think the fact that the food prep for each meal is a max of 15 mins, really helps.

I only went to 2 classes at the gym this week (circuits on Monday and Saturday) and walked into work as much as I could.

A couple of pictures of some of my favourite meals/snacks again shows the variety.  The popcorn snack on Friday was a big hit and the Sunday Bacon Roll remains a firm fav!

End of week weigh in shows that I am another 0.8kg down.  Bringing my total to -2.2kg!

Getting there…


This was the first week that I’ve really struggled with hunger on some  most! days.  This might be due to the fact that most of the evening meals were cooked without the accompaniment of any carbs. Up until then, most evening meals included a small portion of rice, sweet potato etc but this week we were purely having the (unlimited) green veg.

I was out for dinner on Saturday and was able to opt for a like for like meal (seabass with green veg) but my will power faded and I was a baddie who went for a pudding too 🙈

The good thing about this plan is that with the Facebook group, you have the support of other people going through the programme. You learn that little slip ups like this can happen, but not to beat yourself up. The group can be used as little or as much as you want, but it is good to have it there and read how people are getting on, even if you don’t want to post your own results.

Exercise wise this week, I went to a circuits and spin class, as well as doing a little home workout and a walk up to Dunnottar Castle with the pooch at the weekend.

Weight loss has remained consistent, loosing another 0.8kg and taking total weight loss so far to – 3kg. Nice!


The end is most definitely in sight now that week 4 is done and dusted.  With just two days left to take me to the end of my 30 day fat loss challenge, I’m (almost!) sad that it will soon be over.

I really enjoyed the meals this week – a particular meal highlight being the turkey sausage and apple bake.  It might not look much (in the bottom left pic) but mmmm it was yummy.

The bacon roll on a Sunday is always a good way to start the day and snacks of peanut better on toast/rice cakes, popcorn, yoghurt…. keeps it all interesting!

Exercise this week I went to 2x spin classes and a metafit style home work out.

I do have to hold my hands up and admit I did majorly fall of the wagon on Saturday night. Being invited to a prosecco party was too much temptation for me – queue numerous glasses of fizz that were kept company by some luuurvely (but very naughty) milk tray chocolates!

I was debating whether or not to still do a Monday weigh in (baring in mind I just have two days left) , but after this over indulgence, I think I will hold off until Wednesday morning to do a final weight loss total.

Can you cope with the suspense…..?! 😜


Week five was a super short one with just two days to take me up to the end of the 30 day fat loss challenge….and I’m done!!

Weigh in today showed that I hadn’t lost any more weigh since my last check in – which I have to admit I was a little disappointed in.  I think with having such a big loss after week 1, it set me up to expect similar results each week, but I have still managed to lose 3kg (6.6lbs) over the 30days.

I took some photos at the beginning of the challenge, so although I felt slightly disheartened after the weigh in, I still wanted to take an end picture for comparison.

Thank goodness I did, as  I was really pleased with these results!  Taking measurements and photos are also a great way to keep track of your progress as your body changes shape.

Big thumbs up 👍🏼👍🏼

I’m really proud of my results and would definitely recommend the plan to anyone thinking about making some lifestyle changes and wanting to loose weight.

The plan is yours to keep once complete, so I’m going to enjoy the rest of the week off and restart again on Monday!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll come back to you 😀



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