The Marcliffe Hotel & Spa – Afternoon Treat, Spa Package

The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa is a luxury hotel situated in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Their website states that whatever spa treatments you choose (pampering, massages, aroma therapy, facial and body treatments), you will be in the sure, safe hands of their fully-qualified specialists.  At the Marcliffe Spa the aim is to relax, de-stress and indulge you…which I can certainly vouch for after our recent visit!  We left feeling suitably relaxed and comfortably full after booking in for the ‘Afternoon Treat’ Spa Package.

‘Afternoon Treat’ Spa Package

For my friend Kim’s 30th Birthday, I promised to treat her to a Spa Day at the Marcliffe – giving myself a wee treat at the same time too…of course!

Looking at the online Spa Brochure, I went for the following package:

Afternoon Treat ~ 1 hour – £90

Choose two of the following treatments plus afternoon tea

  • back, neck & shoulder
  • mini facial
  • body scrub
  • balneotherapy bath
  • scalp massage
  • file & polish hands or toes

When booking, I was told that we wouldn’t need to decide on our treatments till a couple of days before…so plenty of time for us to ponder over which of the above options to go for (decisions, decisions)!!

I phoned up at the start of the week, to let them know that we were both going to go for the body scrub (this was such a good choice!).  I also picked the back, neck & shoulder massage, whilst Kim went for the scalp massage.


We arrived slightly early to fill in our consultation forms, so also managed to enjoy a wee cuppa in the waiting area, before we were called through for our treatments.

After the therapists introduced themselves, we were shown to our separate rooms and taken through what the treatments involved.

Body Scrub

The body scrub was to be the first treatment, so after getting undressed, I jumped onto the bed and lay face down.  When the therapist returned, she started on my back, before moving to my calves.  The scrub was really grainy and the pressure of the movements were pretty firm, so the exfoliation was top notch!

After she’d finished on my legs, she held the towel up for me to turn round and lie on my back.  Once she’d popped a pillow behind my head, she went on to scrub my thighs and the front of my legs, then moved onto my stomach (I wasn’t so keen on this part! I am super ticklish, so this made me a bit squeamish!), before working the scrub into my arms and finally my chest.

Let me tell you guys that this treatment was honestly AH-MA-ZING. If you’re booked into the Marcliffe and not sure what to go for, I’d definitely get this one on your list, as it’s that good! 💕

Back Massage

She let me know that I was to shower off the scrub before she’d do the back massage, so once she’d finished (and left the room!), I went through to the shower area, where there was a towel and shower cap set aside.

While I was rinsing off the scrub, the therapist came back to remake the bed and get things ready for the back massage.

Once I’d dried off, I jumped back on the bed (face down) and waited for the therapist to return and my pampering to continue 😍

The back massage was absolutely bliss! Starting with some deep breaths to inhale the spa aromas, she applied the oils and checking the pressure, started massaging. I prefer a strong massage and usually book in for a deep tissue, but really enjoyed the pressure and the different style this time. The massage felt quite brief…but then does it ever feel long enough?!

Once she’d rubbed the oils into my back, she went back over the areas that she’d scrubbed earlier and applied moisturiser – a mini full body massage! Boost!

Fully relaxed and in an absolute zen like state, the therapist left to get me some water and then get dressed again.

Once back in the ‘real world’ and out of my little pamper bubble, I paid for the spa day and then we were taken through to the restaurant for our afternoon tea ☕️

Afternoon Tea

The Drawing Room and Restaurant were both really busy with it being Mother’s Day weekend (we didn’t think about that in advance), but the service was really slick and professional.

The waiter showed us to our table and gave us a menu to pick from a selection of teas (or coffee) and choose a sandwich filling each.

You can see from the pic above, that all the choices are delish – so this was another tricky decision for us #suchahardlife.

After humming and heying/oohing and aaahing for a while, I went for the Smoked Salmon & Creme Fraiche (on Gluten Free Bread) and Kim chose the Prawns, Bloody Mary Sauce and Avocado (on Brown).

The cake stand came out with so many tasty treats.  My Gluten Free cake selection was on top and included a rich chocolate brownie, raspberry sorbet and of course – the obligatory scone!  Kim also had a carrot cake and cheese cake in addition to the brownie and scone.

Here’s a pic of us looking absolutely delighted at the goodies we’re about to devour!

If you’re thinking of treating yourself, or a loved one to a Spa Day and wanting something that’s a bit ‘special’, I’d highly recommend The Marcliffe and the Afternoon Treat package.

Hope you enjoy as much as we did (I’ve no doubt that you will)!



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