Serenity at ‘The House’ – Aberdeen

Situated on Great Western Road, The House Spa describes itself as a ‘retreat in the heart of the city; a sanctuary of personal comfort and total escapism’.

The House offers a range of different spa packages to enjoy.  Booking either a full or half day, the packages entitles use of the facilities which include the hammana room, aroma room, rock sauna and hydro massage pool…and also includes a light lunch.

We recently booked in for ‘Serenity at The House’ – a half day package that includes 2 x 20 minute treatments from the list below:

  • Salt & Oil Body Scrub
    A nourishing body exfoliating treatment which helps remove flaky, dry skin. Natural sea salts and skin softening oil leave skin nourished, smooth and toned. Excellent to prepare the skin for massage or wrap, or an ideal stand alone treatment
  • Facial Cleanse
    A special introduction to our ESPA products. A facial cleanse tone and massage which leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed.
  • Regenerating & Firming Eye treatment 
    Formulated to combat the effects of stress on the eye area, leaving this delicate area refreshed, hydrated and soothed.
  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
    A Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage using Espa Nourishing Body Oil
  • File & Polish
    On either fingers or toes

On arrival, our Host asked us to pick our lunch (a choice of soup and sandwich filler from a small menu). If you’re looking for a Gluten Free Option, they can also arrange for a Baked Potato, if you let them know in advance.

We then picked the treatments we wanted…

Always a sucker for a Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage, this was an easy choice for me, but I swithered between the Facial Cleanse and the Scrub.  After having SUCH a good experience of a scrub recently (Click HERE to read my review on my visit to the Marcliffe Hotel & Spa), I decided to go for it as my 2nd treatment.

Spa Facilities

Once we’d made our choices, our host took us through to the changing area, where they’d looked out robes and towels (so no need to bring with you), with a key to a locker to store our belongings.

Once we were in our swimwear, we went through to enjoy the spa facilities…

Unfortunately the air temperature was a little chilly – so it was just as well that we had the robes to keep us cosy!

Going straight for the Jacuzzi (aka Hydro Massage pool), we turned on the bubbles and jumped in.  The setting is lovely and peaceful – and the fact that we were the only ones in the area, was perfect.  It meant that we were able to chat and relax, without having to share the facilities.  Again, the Jacuzzi was a wee bit on the cool side, which meant that we didn’t want to hang about in it too long!

Moving on to the steam rooms – we had the choice of a dark, lavender infused relaxation one or an ‘energizing’ menthol room.  We enjoyed some time in them both, before finishing off with a short trip to the sauna.

Once we’d visited them all, we popped back on the robes and went to get ready for the treatments.

(Our host had let us know, that once we’d finished in the Spa area, we should pop our robes back on (with pants on underneath) and they’d come to collect us for our treatments at a pre advised time),


The House uses ESPA products in their Spa, which I absolutely LOVE!! I’m a big fan of ESPA and use their hydrating cleansing milk and replenishing moisturiser as part of my daily skincare routine.

My therapist let me know that I was to take off my robe, keeping on just my pants and lie face down on the bed, before she left me to get prepared for my treatments.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

When she came back, I was a little surprised that she started with the back massage, as I’d read from treatment list that the scrub was a great way ‘to prepare the skin for a massage’ – so had assumed this would have been the first treatment (like it was during my spa trip to The Marcliffe).

The massage was amazing though! My therapist checked the pressure was ok (which it was) and I found it sooo relaxing!!

Body Scrub

Once she’d finished on my back, neck and shoulders, she moved on to the scrub.

I guess this is one of the reasons I think the scrub would have been better as the first treatment, as once she’d used a wet cloth to dampen my skin, she started to scrub and exfoliate my skin…taking off the oils that had just been applied.

She moved her way across my back, firstly making sure the skin was wet by applying the soaked cloth, before firmly exfoliating. It’s a really vigorous scrub – so definitely a rejuvenating experience, rather than the relaxation I’d experienced in my first treatment!

After working her way across the back of my body, she got me to turn around (lifting the towel for me to do so), before starting the scrub on my front.

Once I was lying on my back, she massaged the front of my arms and legs, before moving on to my stomach/chest.

I have to say, I was a little uncomfortable when she removed the towel from across my front to apply the scrub.  As I wasn’t wearing anything on my top half, I felt quite exposed lying on my back, with nothing to cover me.  I think this is maybe something they should check that clients are OK with prior to starting the treatment, as it was a tad awkward for me!

When she finished, she let me know that the scrub contained an oil, so once it was washed off, I wouldn’t have to worry about applying any moisturiser- great!

The not so great part was that I had to redo my robe, then go back down the stairs and shower in the spa area again.  I had so much scrub on my body, that this was a little messy!

This was a picture of the bed after I’d finished!!

I manage to make my way down to the showers (dropping only a small amount of scrub), before showering and getting ready for lunch, which I was more than ready for…all that spa’ing was hard work!


As I’ve already mentioned, the standard option for lunch is soup (choice of 2) and sandwich (choice of bread and filler), but they can arrange for a Baked Potato (GF) if you let them know in advance.

We really enjoyed our lunches and it was the perfect way to end a great day!


Laura x


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