James Dun’s House (Aberdeen) – Spa Day

I’m so delayed in writing up this post (not sure where the times gone!) but back in September, I took advantage of a Newbie offer that James Dun’s House were offering and booked in for an hour full body massage (for £30!) with my Mum and Sister.

Welcomed into the busy hair salon, we grabbed a seat at the large wooden table whilst we waited for our therapists to pick us up.

Once collected, we were led downstairs into a quiet haven and were each shown to our separate treatment rooms.

With a cosy robe looked out and waiting for me, my therapist asked me to get unchanged and put this on, before taking a seat with my feet in the soapy water to wait for her to return. Starting the treatment with a foot scrub was a lovely surprise and a great way to wind down 😍

James Dun’s House uses a selection of Aveda products which their website lets you know ‘merges plant-based skin & body care products with the art of high-touch experience, to offer you a customised spa treatment based on your specific skin and body needs’.

Once my feet were pampered and patted dry, the therapist left the room again while I undressed and climbed onto the massage table face down.

Starting on my back and shoulders, before moving to the backs of my legs, the pressure was the perfect combination to work out some of the knots, without loosing the relaxation part!

Lifting the towel to allow me to turn on to my front, she worked her magic on my thoughts, arms and across my chest.

In short – the full body massage was utterly bliss! 💗

Once my therapist returned with water and I got myself dressed, we finished up downstairs and she the showed me back up to the salon to wait for my mum and sister. My only small criticism (and it’s really tiny, as everything else was fab!), was that there wasn’t a communal area in the Spa area for us to sit in afterwards, so we went straight from the relaxation and calmness of downstairs, back up to the hustle and bustle of the hair salon, for us to drink our water and return to ‘normality’.

Back to the positives though, and another great plus of James Dun’s House it’s central location! We had a long list of places that we could visit for a few cocktails afterwards and with The Sandman Hotel now open round the corner from Schoolhill, we finished our girls day with a few Pornstar Martinis! The perfect way to spend a Saturday 💗

Remember to check out my other posts for reviews of Spa Days at The Village, The House and The Marcliffe too. 💋


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