Hair Rehab – Synthetic Wrap Ponytail – Review

Having gone for the chop since my last review on Lauren Pope’s award winning business – Hair Rehab, I thought I’d add to my collection and took advantage of The Big Winter Clearance Sale to purchase the Synthetic Wrap Ponytail for £9.99 (reduced from £24.99).

I’ve also gone to the blonde side since I bought the Clip in Plait, so I used the colour matching service again (which you can read more about in my previous post HERE), to order up the shade, Vanilla Beach.

The Synthetic Wrap Ponytail uses faux hair fibre measuring 20 inches in length, so when it arrived, I was LOVING the long length!

Taking it out it’s packet (and net), I used the simple step by step instructions to fit it:

– Pull your own hair into a ponytail to your desired height.

– Push the three pronged comb device attached to the Wrap Ponytail hairpiece between the hairband of your own ponytail and your head.

– Using one hand to hold the pronged comb in place, simply take the smaller strip of hair attached to the velcro and wrap this tightly around the base of the pony tail. Use the velcro as an anchor and then when this is fully wrapped around you can release the hand holding the pronged device in place and use this hand to push in some additional kirby grips to keep this hair strip in place.

– You will find the Wrap Ponytail hairpiece then conceals your own shorter hair inside the hairs of the hairpiece.

NB – if you have a naturally thick ponytail, you may find it’s a struggle to fit the Velcro round the base, so this style probably wouldn’t be the best for you.

The Synthetic Wrap Ponytail can be used in many ways – low, high, pleated or twisted into a top knot.

It was perfect for over the festive season, taking 2 mins to give a cool, sleek style.

Definitely another one I’d recommend 👌🏼

Have you used any other Hair Rehab products? If so, what’s your fave?


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