Gel Extensions for Natural Looking Long Nails

After getting back my holiday and sending a picture of a sparkly new addition to my finger, after the initial ‘oooohs’ and ‘aaaaahs’ from family and friends, I was hit with a resounding ‘now you need to get your nails done’!

I’m a terrible nail biter, so I felt my short little nails could also do with a bit of elongating.  Having never had any form of gel polish before, I was a little hesitant on what to go for – gel or acrylic? I also struggled on where to go.  Sure there are plenty of nail salons in Aberdeen, but I’d heard some horror nail stories and didn’t want to end up with wrecked or  super broken nails after.

Upon recommendation, I got in touch with Linton and Mac who were great at giving me advice over the phone, telling me the differences between acrylics and gel extensions.  Opting for the gel (a lesser evil on nail damage compared to acrylics – apparently!) I booked my appointment and headed along.

Kayleigh was also so good at letting me know the process and was lovely chatting with her through the 1hr 15 appointment.  With a great selection of colours, I opted for this festive red.

Advising that the nails usually last 2-3 weeks before needing infills (or removal), I left the salon admiring my talons!

I love love love my longer nails, if only I could grow my nails this long in real life (and save me from the Β£45 bill! πŸ˜€)


Rimmel’s 14 Day Super Gel Polish – Product Review πŸ’…πŸ»

I struggle to get my nail polish to stay chip free for longer than a day (or night out!), so love a longer lasting Gel option. Β I’ve had big problems with allergies when getting my nails done using the UV option before (swollen giant fingers are not a good look – and v painful!!), so the lure of a gel finish from a ‘normal’ nail polish range was too tempting to knock back – especially when it was by Rimmel, one of my fav ‘drugstore’ brands.

I put the ‘Super Gel’ varnish to the test and rated how it performed over the following categories…

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5 Simple nail designs perfect for Valentines! πŸ’•

Each year on 14th Feb, many people exchange cards, flowers or gifts with their loved ones. Regardless of whether you have a significant other half – try these valentine themed nails and love is bound to come your way (…..although not guarantees are made 😜!)

The nail designs below are all really easy to follow and take next to no time to do). My nail art skills are limited (especially when it comes to using my left hand!) so some of the lines aren’t perfect….but hey – it adds a bit of character! πŸ˜€ Continue reading

Leopard Print Nails

Here’s one of the cute nail designs that I did at the very beginning of my holiday – I can’t believe it’s almost three weeks since we’ve been back (😭)!!! Β The weather here is definately moving into winter quickly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still treat your nails with some cute designs.

This one looks great on fingers & toes and although it’s maybe not the neatest, that’s the beauty of the leopard print design! It takes next to no time to do (although the waiting to dry part does add on a little bit) and it’s so easy for anyone to do.

I didn’t do a step by step guide at the time (I was to excited to get out in the sunshine and it completely slipped my mind), but I’ve since done one for you to follow…

To get yourself started do a quick two coats of your base colour. Β For this one I used my Angelica ‘Snow White’ polish.

Leave it to dry, before using a dotting tool to start the spots. Β I do a mixture of shapes and sizes across the nail, before leaving to dry again (I told you this was the part that took up the time πŸ˜€)!

Give your dotting tool a quick clean before using it to outline the shapes. Again, there are no rules to applying this, so just go for where you think looks right.

Wait for one final time, before adding your top coat.

(For the other nail colours I used Topshop’s ‘Remember Me’ and Rimmel’s ‘Black Out’)

Enjoy! πŸ’…πŸ»